Valuation Date

The value of each asset and debt in a divorce depends on the valuation date.

RSUs in a Divorce

What to know about RSUs (Restricted Stock Units) in a divorce.


What was a spouse’s separate property can be considered marital property in a divorce. Or vice versa.

Student Loans in a Divorce

In a divorce, the law gives special treatment to student loans and marital money spent on education/training to enhance the earning capacity of a spouse.


There are a number of different types of reimbursement that can be agreed upon or ordered by a judge in a California divorce.

Defer Sale of the Family Home

If you are considering whether to defer sale of the family home, here are some important considerations.

Valuing Community Property

Here are some suggestions for how to go about valuing the community property in your divorce.

Community and Separate Property

When dividing assets and debts in a California divorce, it’s wise to understand what the law considers to community and separate property.

Financial Disclosure Forms

In California divorces in which both spouses are involved in the divorce process, you must exchange financial disclosure forms.