Conflict Coaching

Sometimes a conflict seems stuck and it’s not clear how or if it can be moved forward towards resolution.  Conflict coaching can often help you navigate the situation.

As a conflict coach, I can help you develop you develop strategies and skills to enhance your ability to engage in, manage, and productively resolve conflict.  Usually this is with respect to a particular conflict with another person but it can also address the handling of conflict in general.

conflict coaching service butting headsConflict coaching enables you to talk about the conflict with a neutral third party who is skilled in dealing with conflict.  This in itself is often very helpful.  The conflict coach can help you better understand the situation from all perspectives.  This increased clarity is often critical in developing workable approaches.  There are always different possible strategies for addressing a conflict.  The coach can help you develop these options and evaluate the likely pros and cons of each one.  This supports you in choosing what seems to be the best approach.  In conflict coaching, you may then find it helpful to rehearse this approach, with the coach taking the role of the person with whom you are in conflict.  The coach can also model for you how you might best speak with the other person.  This can build your comfort and confidence in being able to discuss the conflict productively with the other person.

I have helped many individuals in this way with various types of conflicts such as divorces, co-parenting, other family matters, neighbor disputes, financial matters, workplace problems and business disputes.

In conflict coaching I work one-on-one with you.  Our discussions are confidential.  Depending on what would be most convenient and best meet your needs, we can work together in person, over the phone, or over the internet via videoconferencing.