Children and Tax

Tax implications and considerations if you are divorcing and have minor children.

Support Arrears

Child support and spousal support arrears can arise for periods in the past.

Collecting Support

Here are some tips for collecting child support or spousal support.


Garnishing wages can be a good way to try to guarantee child support or spousal support payments.

Child Support and Tax

There are key things to be aware of as regards child support and tax, even though it is not tax-deductible.

Divorce Financial Disclosure

All California divorces require complete disclosure as regards assets, debts, income and expenses.

9 Ways Child Support Ends

A parent’s duty to pay child support ends when the first of the following events occurs…

Family Support

When divorcing spouses’ incomes differ by a very large amount (placing them in much different tax brackets) and both child support and spousal is appropriate, the spouses can save significantly overall on their income taxes by designating the payments as “family support.”

Child Support Guideline Basics in California

Under California’s child support guideline formula, the following key factors determine the amount of child support: number of children, timeshare percentage with each child by each parent and net, after-tax income of each parent. Parents can however make their own child support agreement.