Why Choose John at Morrison Mediation?

1. John is a full-time divorce and family mediation professional.
This is fairly rare. Most divorce mediators mediate only part-time.
2. All his reviews on Google and Yelp are 5 stars.

He has very positive reviews on other sites as well. 

3. He is adept at all areas of knowledge and skill required in divorce mediation.
Most lawyer mediators have an understanding of the law but less training and skill in interpersonal relations and amicable conflict resolution. Most family therapist mediators are skilled in interpersonal relations and the needs of children but less so in divorce law and financial matters. John has made it his personal mission to excel in all aspects of divorce mediation.
4. Most divorce agreements are mainly concerned with finances and he is a CDFA.
As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), John is highly qualified to help you understand the many financial and tax implications of divorce and to help you carefully consider these not only for the short term but for the longer term as well. Few divorce mediators have this qualification and training.
5. John can explain divorce law without expecting you to give it undue priority.
John’s view is that the rightful position of divorce law in divorce mediation is in the background. In nearly all aspects, you have considerable freedom to come to whatever agreements you believe are fair and in the best interests of all concerned and the courts will normally sign off on whatever you agree. Nonetheless, you should have a mediator who can help you understand the relevant law. John is able to do this from hundreds of hours of study and from his regular experience at divorce court.
diverging path divorce
6. He helps you come to your own agreements, knowing these will be more satisfying.
Many mediators, especially ones who are lawyers, have an evaluative style that is fairly quick to give you advice based on what they know or their experience in court.  More satisfying and durable agreements, however, tend to come from an organic mediation process in which you and your spouse are supported to collaboratively develop your own solutions and agreements.  John uses this more facilitative style.  He normally gives you legal or other information only when you would like to receive or when it is necessary to give you an accurate understanding of the matters being discussed.
7. He has excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.
The three most time-consuming and challenging aspects of divorce mediation are usually:

  • helping estranged spouses talk with each other productively;
  • developing an agreeable custody and co-parenting plan in alignment with the best interests of the children;
  • working out the financial arrangements (division of assets, spousal support and child support).

Since each of these is often an emotional minefield and fraught with conflict, it is essential that your mediator has excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills. John excels in this area, aided by his Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution and his calm, clear, warm and empathetic manner.

8. He will tailor your divorce mediation experience to your needs and desires.

Your mediation process can be conducted online or in-person, whichever you prefer.  Every divorcing couple is unique. Some are only interested in the practical problem-solving and decision-making necessary to accomplish a divorce so they can move on with their lives. Others, who will have a continuing relationship due to their children, may want to address and resolve some of the upsets and misunderstandings that inhibit their ability to communicate and co-parent together.  Still others will view their divorce process as an opportunity for personal transformation and healing. John is comfortable and confident with all of these approaches and therefore will tailor your divorce mediation experience to your needs.  

john morrison mediation
9. John's personal qualities set him apart.
The personal qualities of a mediator are extremely important. John quickly develops a natural rapport with people. He is calm, centered and emotionally stable. He enjoys listening carefully more than he does talking. He derives more satisfaction from helping you develop your own solutions than he does from giving you his ideas. John is well organized and focused. He has a gentle tenacity for progress and getting things done. He enjoys problem solving and is very intelligent and flexible. John approaches all of life with a high level of integrity and he is therefore honest, credible and trustworthy. He has a good sense of humor.
10. He has been through two divorces himself, one involving children.
He has personally experienced how difficult and upsetting it is. He also knows from first-hand experience how to divorce in an amicable, respectful, and fair way that allows everyone, including children, to move forward with their lives without being harmed by the process.