Including Other Specialists

The use of other specialists in conjunction with the mediation is always your choice. It can be helpful for each of you to have a consulting lawyer you can turn to along the way for input and advice. I do recommend that each of you have a consulting lawyer review the final agreement before you sign it. I can provide a list of mediation-friendly family law attorneys if this would be helpful.

mediation including other specialistsIt may be wise during mediation to obtain input or advice from specialists on financial matters that are complex, have major tax implications, or are difficult to value. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I am able to help you understand and work through most if not all financial and tax matters relating to your divorce, thereby reducing the likelihood of needing additional outside financial expertise.

Sometimes, especially when there are young children, child development specialists can be very helpful. They can explain what children experience at different stages of growing up and how best to take this into account when developing a parenting plan.  They understand the negative effects of divorce on children and can offer advice on how to minimize this.

Here are examples of specialists that it may make sense to hire on an as-needed basis to provide input for the mediation:

  • real property appraiser;
  • actuary to value a pension;
  • business valuation expert;
  • tax specialist;
  • legal expert;
  • child psychologist.

If you choose to hire any of these specialists, I can probably give you recommendations.  I would not be involved in the fee or payment arrangements you make.