Because divorce mediation is both a major undertaking and a new process for most people, I offer a free consultation during which we become acquainted and explore whether mediation might be appropriate for you. I answer questions you may have about getting your divorce and about divorce mediation. I ask you some questions to get a basic understanding of your situation. I also explain my particular approach to divorce mediation and how I work with couples.  The purpose of the consultation is be informative. It carries with it no obligation.consultation divorce mediation

For both of you to feel comfortable in divorce mediation, you need some assurance that the process will be balanced and fair. You should feel confident that your mediator has the subject matter expertise and the communication, conflict management and problem-solving skills to help you reach a comprehensive, mutually satisfying agreement in a productive and peaceful way.

The consultation lasts about half an hour. By the end of the consultation you will have a better understanding of divorce mediation, many of your questions will be answered and you will probably be able to determine whether you think we might be a good fit to work together.

You may wish to review further information about choosing mediation or choosing a mediator.  Some articles in my blog may be helpful

I also provide consultations to couples or individuals in my capacity as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.  I charge for these consultations.