Support Arrears

Child support and spousal support arrears can arise for periods in the past.

Collecting Support

Here are some tips for collecting child support or spousal support.


Garnishing wages can be a good way to try to guarantee child support or spousal support payments.

Divorce Financial Disclosure

All California divorces require complete disclosure as regards assets, debts, income and expenses.

Family Support

When divorcing spouses’ incomes differ by a very large amount (placing them in much different tax brackets) and both child support and spousal is appropriate, the spouses can save significantly overall on their income taxes by designating the payments as “family support.”

Spousal Support Tax Deductible Limits

A previous post gave the basic rules for making spousal support tax deductible. This post discuss two somewhat unusual but important circumstances that affect the tax deductibility of spousal support.

Spousal Support Tax Deductible

Unless spouses agree otherwise in their final divorce documents, spousal support is generally tax deductible for the payer and reportable as income for the recipient. But there are a number of spousal support tax considerations.

Permanent Spousal Support in California

Post-divorce spousal support is referred to as permanent spousal support, even though it is rarely permanent. Spouses have wide latitude in negotiating their own permanent spousal support agreement.

Temporary Spousal Support in California

Temporary spousal support refers to spousal support while the divorce is in process. It can begin as early as the filing date of the petition.

Spousal Support Factors in California

When ordering post-divorce spousal support in California, judges are required to consider and weigh each of 14 different factors. Couples however can make their own spousal support agreement.

Spousal Support Basics in California

Spousal support is one of the two areas of financial decision-making required in every divorce.
There is no need to have spousal support decided by the court. Spouses can come to their own agreement.