John Morrison – Personal

John is single and lives in Mission Viejo.  Two previous marriages ended amicably and he maintains friendly personal relationships with both former spouses. His divorce settlement agreements from both previous marriages were developed collaboratively without litigation.

personal john morrison sonsHe has two sons, one in England and one in Washington D.C.  He has three grandchildren.

John has had a lifelong interest in personal growth and development. He also enjoys music, movies, sports and travel.

Since moving to southern California in the mid 90s, he also has lived in Claremont, Long Beach, Altadena, Glendora and downtown Los Angeles.  He grew up in the Midwest, mainly in Iowa.  He has also lived in or near Seattle, St. Louis, Sacramento, Washington D.C., Boston and Charlottesville, Virginia. He spent much of the 1980s in southeastern England, where he first married and where his sons were born.

Prior to becoming a mediator, John was an information technology executive for three manufacturing companies and a consultant for Accenture. Early in his career he worked on litigation in the legal department for a multi-national organization.  He has passed the California real estate salesperson exams and has been a real estate investor.  He takes an active interest in the economy and in matters relating to personal finance.