divorce faqDivorce is such a confusing experience for which few of us are prepared.  Taking time to learn about divorce (what it requires, the basic principles, options for getting it done, etc.) can make the experience much less overwhelming.  In this section I have attempted to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions (divorce FAQ) about divorce and divorce mediation.

Divorce FAQ

Divorce Process FAQ
Choosing Mediation FAQ
Choosing A Mediator FAQ
Starting Mediation FAQ
Mediation Process FAQ
Lawyers and Specialists FAQ

If you don’t find the answer here to a question you have, please feel free to contact me.

Also here in my website are sections devoted to explaining divorce and divorce mediation.  In my blog I have written a large number of articles that go into greater detail on many divorce-related and mediation-related topics.  A list of topics is on the right side or bottom of this page.  Perhaps the best readily-accessible single source of official information answering divorce FAQ in California is the court’s website.