Quickest Divorce

Considerations and clarification of getting the quickest divorce


Sometimes a bifurcation can speed up the process of becoming divorced.

Divorce Decree

A divorce decree completes a divorces and contains the terms of the divorce.


Many individuals are choosing to divorce without hiring a lawyer and there are resources to support them.

How to File for Divorce

Filing for divorce in California requires completion of a few forms and payment of a filing fee.

How to Get a Divorce

Here are the basic legal steps of how to get a divorce in California.

Divorce Paperwork

The divorce paperwork required by the court is substantial and challenging. Fortunately there are several options for getting it done.

Financial Disclosure Forms

In California divorces in which both spouses are involved in the divorce process, you must exchange financial disclosure forms.

Divorce Financial Disclosure

All California divorces require complete disclosure as regards assets, debts, income and expenses.

Divorce Response

Filing a response to a divorce petition has pros and cons.

Divorce Forms

Here are the main forms required for a California divorce and your main options for completing them.

Summary Dissolution

The Summary Dissolution process is an easier way to divorce but not many couples qualify and it does have potential drawbacks.

Dismissing Your Divorce Case

You can cancel or dismiss your divorce case after it is filed. However, there are some restrictions in California.