If you are going through or contemplating a divorce, it’s common to have some questions about it.  Often some needed information can bring not only clarity but relief.  Yet finding the right sort of divorce help can be challenging.

Friends and family are often misinformed.  The massive amount of information on the internet and in books can be overwhelming and difficult to distill down to your exact situation.  It may seem premature or you might be reluctant to get a lawyer involved.

Divorce Help

Having someone to talk to who can knows the territory and who can answer your questions without charging you a bundle would often be ideal.  That’s why I offer “divorce help” in addition to my divorce services of mediation and financial analysis.

As a divorce professional who is a non-lawyer, I can provide you with all sorts of relevant information and answers, but I stop short of advising you what to do.  I fill in your information gaps so that you are better empowered to make your own decisions.  Divorce is a life event of such far-reaching implications, it’s best for you to be in your own driver’s seat.

Here are some examples of the many different types of information and divorce help I can provide:

  • an understanding of the legal process of divorce;
  • options available to you in navigating through the process;
  • ways to save costs;
  • strategies for minimizing conflict and avoiding going to court;
  • helpful available resources;
  • what the law says about child custody, child support, spousal support and division of property;
  • the extent to which you are constrained by the law versus free to make your own agreements;
  • ways to wrap up your divorce out of court if you are in agreement on everything with your spouse;
  • options for completing the divorce paperwork the court requires;
  • ways to insulate your children from damaging fall-out;
  • what would be the amount of guideline child support in your case.

I’m happy to provide limited divorce help of this kind as part of a free consultation – either to one spouse or to both.  If the help or information you are requesting is more extensive, I would simply charge you for my time at a reasonable hourly rate.