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Welcome. If you are looking to minimize the emotional and financial strain that accompanies divorce and other family conflicts, you have come to the right place. I offer an informal, out-of-court approach for resolving issues, honoring your relationships and making decisions necessary for you and your family.

Whether ydivorce mediator divorce financial analyst CDFAour level of conflict is low or high, and whether you are at the beginning or advanced in your divorce or other family conflict, mediation is a balanced, respectful approach with a very high rate of success. As a highly-trained, experienced specialist comfortable in the midst of conflict, I can help you address your concerns, communicate effectively, and create a mutually acceptable agreement covering all the necessary bases. If you are divorcing, I can provide you with necessary legal and financial information and the benefit of my experience to enable you to make well-informed, fair decisions.  This will help you save time and money, move on with your life, and protect your family from a damaging court battle.

This site has a lot of information and straight talk about getting divorced in California.  My intention is to demystify divorce and assist you in finding your own best way forward.

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Benefits of working with a non-lawyer divorce mediator include the satisfaction of participating in an amicable process, retaining control of the divorce and its outcome, and large cost savings.

Benefits of working with a divorce financial professional include understanding clearly all financial and tax aspects and planning your financial future more effectively.

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Sometimes just having a divorce professional who can answer your questions is very helpful.


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