Divorce Topics

divorce basics californiaDivorce is unfortunately complex.  It’s fairly easy to get married but attending to everything when dissolving a marriage is not.  We don’t receive training or education on the subject.  What we hear from family, friends or in the news is partial and colored.  We are therefore usually uninformed and unprepared.  Here are some links to overviews of some of the most important divorce topics in California.  As with any life challenge, the more you understand about what you are getting into, the better you will be able to deal with it.

divorce overview
a good divorce
divorce requirements
divorce approaches
divorce decisions
child custody
child support
division of assets & debts
divorce papers
divorce courts

In addition, my blog posts go into many of these areas in much more depth.  These blog categories may be of interest: child supportcustody & visitationdivision of assets & debtsdivorce processmediation – choosing; and spousal support (alimony).