Many individuals are choosing to divorce without hiring a lawyer and there are resources to support them.

Choosing Divorce Mediation

The California Court’s website suggests getting help from a mediator if you and your spouse cannot agree about parenting responsibilities or money issues.

Law in Divorce Mediation

Divorce is in part a legal event so it’s wise to have some understanding of the relevant law.

Divorce Mediator Approaches

Understanding the main differences in divorce mediator approaches can help you select a mediator whose style matches your preferences.

Readiness for Mediation Self-Test

If you are divorcing and considering the use of mediation, here is a quick self-test to help you assess your readiness.

How to Propose Divorce Mediation

Agreeing to mediate a divorce can be challenging given the strains of what you are both going through. How you propose divorce mediation affects the likelihood of your spouse getting on board.

When to Propose Divorce Mediation

Often one spouse sees the potential benefits of divorce mediation but is challenged by how to get their spouse on board. Timing is often important. When to propose divorce mediation?

Best Time for Divorce Mediation

How and when does a divorcing couple come together at least enough to agree on a process (such as divorce mediation) to enable them to make the decisions necessary for them to complete their divorce?