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Here’s a radio show interview I did in 2016 talking about divorce mediation.
Here’s an Impact Makers radio show interview from 2017 in which I talk mainly about the financial aspects of divorce.


Here’s a short ebook I wrote providing a summary of the contents of my website as regards divorce and mediation.

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Divorce process:


Court self-help for divorce and separation:
California Family Code: (world’s #1 mediation website):
Extensive self-help in many areas from

Divorce Court Paperwork Services

Three full-service Legal Document Assistants (paralegals) I can highly recommend are:

Software  (co-parenting) (co-parenting)


books resources divorceHere are some excellent books you might find helpful:

Divorce – Attitude and Approach

The Good Divorce” by Constance Ahrons.
The Good Karma Divorce” by Judge Michele Lowrance

Divorce – Overview

Nolo’s Essential Guide to Divorce” by Emily Doskow

Divorce – Procedure and Paperwork

How to do Your Own Divorce in California in 2015” by Ed Sherman.

Divorce – Mediation

Using Divorce Mediation: Save Your Money and Your Sanity” by Katherine Stoner

Divorce – Parenting

Mom’s House, Dad’s House” by Isolina Ricci.
Putting Children First” by JoAnne Pedro-Carroll.
Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way” by Gary Neuman.
The Truth about Children and Divorce” by Robert Emery.
Divorce Book for Parents” by Vicki Lansky.

Divorce – Financial

Divorce and Money” by Violet Woodhouse & Dale Fetherling
Fair Share Divorce for Women” by Kathleen Miller