If you are grappling with divorce, presumably you’re not in the Philippines because there you can’t get one.  Here in California, it’s a big subject.  There are extensive laws relating to it.  Every type of asset and debt you have comes up for consideration.  If you have children, there is a need to protect them from the conflict and to make arrangements for co-parenting with your soon-to-be ex.  Divorcing couples often want and need help.  As a result, there are information websites and sites filled with articles on it.  Even the court’s website tries hard to explain the legal process in simple language.

divorceDivorce can have major psychological and spiritual effects.  So there are many sources of tips on how to make the best of it and maybe even have a good, amicable divorce.

Because it can seem daunting, some people try to hand it all over to an attorney.  However, you will still have to be involved no matter how it is resolved.  And the degree of your involvement is very often proportional to the ongoing satisfaction you will have with the outcome.

What I have tried to do on this website is provide you with easy-to-access information that it’s helpful to have when divorcing.  Knowledge is indeed power but it also provides confidence and comfort.  I present the basics from the menu above but you can also dive in more deeply in my articles.

Divorce Process Decisions

Assuming you want to avoid the many downsides of battling it out in court, there are three overarching process decisions to make:

  • how will you go about working out agreements with your spouse on the financial and co-parenting areas necessary;
  • what mindset are you going to adopt;
  • how will you take care of the necessary court paperwork;

If you are unable yourselves to reach all the necessary agreements, the most widely recommended avenue is mediation for its low cost and many benefits.  I provide a free consultation for you and your spouse to explore whethe mediation might be the best approach for you.

The court filings are simply a necessary formality once you have worked out all the necessary agreements and there are various way to get them done.

Most important are the mindsets that you and your spouse adopt.  If you both can decide to work together cooperatively, respectfully, knowledgeably and fairly in navigating through the divorce, you can come through it relatively smoothly.