Reviews and Testimonials

In addition to the testimonials below, I also have many reviews on several social media sites:


“John did an amazing job mediating for myself and my ex husband. Although I was nervous about the mediation, John has a very peaceful disposition and I was able to relax and think clearly. He had this beautiful way of not taking sides but making sure that each party was properly heard and that we were moving forward and progressing. I would highly recommend John for all meditations and should I need one in the future he is the only mediator I will work with.”  V.R.

“I think I’ve consumed nearly every type of legal service designed to divorce one person from another. Before John, I had been represented by two different lawyers. But after awhile and a lot of money spent battling, I realized getting a divorce is not rocket science. It’s endless non-legal details. This is where John comes in. He is not an attorney. He actually is mediation specialist. I cannot overstate the value that John provided to help settle my divorce. And, if you think your divorce is too complicated for a mediator, you’re wrong. John literally did what both my lawyers refused to do. He created an Excel spreadsheet that reconciled two years’ worth of equity price fluctuations, dividends, tax penalties, K-1 interest payments, and accrued health care premiums. Don’t be fooled that getting a good lawyer will somehow give you an advantage. Don’t repeat my stupidity. Suck it up, talk to your ex, and see John.”  K.R.

“Going through a break-up with a long-term boyfriend is difficult enough, but when you have a home to divide it becomes even more of a challenge. John made the process a lot more bearable. His patience, flexibility, and honesty helped the outcome to be clear and fair. I highly recommend John’s service to resolve issues like mine.”  D.J.

“Many thanks to you in providing input and guidance in helping my sister and me resolve all our issues regarding the passing of our father in a successful mediation. You were professional, impartial and had a very friendly demeanor. I would recommend your services.”  N.P.

“John was a wonderful mediator. He was fair, professional and extremely helpful. I was very pleased with his dedication to resolving our parenting matter. I felt safe and secure and in good hands.”  K.V.

““My spouse is very difficult to deal with and we are constantly in conflict. John remained very neutral and had a laid back attitude that made it easy for us to work together.”  A.N.

“He was very fair. Listened to my comments, concerns and questions. He was very friendly. My husband and I are now considering reconciling. Thank you!”  K.C.

“I would recommend John to anyone for divorce mediation. I have been coming to court from out of state for over three years trying to complete my divorce and he helped us finally get it done. We’ve had several mediators and he was the best. My wife and I could barely talk to each other without one or both of us flying off the handle but he guided us through all the decisions that needed to be made.” J.F.

“I’ve been at court 18 times trying to get my divorce completed. I decided to give mediation one last try before our trial even though I had little hope. John’s emotional IQ was the highest I’ve ever witnessed in this stupid court system. He pulled off a miracle for our kids to help end this nightmare forever.”  T.N.

“John was exactly the mediator we needed to handle our settlement. He never gave up on the hope of resolution even though at one time we both did. He was never biased and he educated us on the process and how things work in court. He broke down every issue into steps so we could resolve one at a time. I could sense John’s disappointment when things broke down and his enthusiasm when we finally reached our agreement.  This was a true sign that he really cared about us and was sincere in hoping we could get on the other side of this sometimes painful chapter.”  R.J.

“I would happily recommend John as a divorce mediator. He is very organized and provided us promptly with a written summary after each session. When I reviewed the summary, I knew what I needed to accomplish prior to the next session and it helped to keep us all on the same page. Mediation can be difficult when you reach points that you cannot agree upon. John was very helpful in moving us on when we got stuck. He would keep us on task with other important issues to keep the mediation moving forward. In the end we were able to work everything out in a very fair settlement.”  M.R.

“Great mediation sessions. John was very patient and understanding and helped us work out everything regarding child support and our parenting plan.”  H.P.

“Mr. Morrison was very informative and knowledgeable in all aspects of dissolution of marriage as well as all other key elements involved in the mediation process.  I highly recommend his services.”  C.A.

“John was great! We were able to calmly talk through issues fairly. Thank you for your help.”  P.W.

“John is naturally empathetic, insightful, curious and a clear thinker. He is deeply ethical, a strong listener and highly motivated.”  K.C.