motivationDivorce is one of those life crossroads for which motivation is very relevant.  Some find a way to rise to the occasion, make the best of it and move on to a better life.  Others unfortunately don’t.

Motivation is usually much less of an issue for the spouse who is initiating the divorce.  It can be a major issue for the spouse on the receiving end.

Divorce delivers us squarely into the questions of what do I want and what will I have in my life.  But along with the uncertainty and upset can come doubts and fears about our own abilities to find our way successfully.  Often we have given away pieces of our integrity to get along with others, including our spouse.

And modern life, dumbed down in many ways, emphasizes conformity and shallow pleasures more than it encourages individuality, striving, excellence and hard work.

Divorce represents the break-up of a life that was somehow unsatisfying and insufficient to one or both spouses.  It delivers each spouse into a new opportunity to seek and experience personal freedom, even if it also entails important continuing responsibilities such as co-parenting.

For many, the desire and drive to be in a committed, loving relationship is strong.  However, in the long run, choosing our own aims and seeking to bring them to fruition usually creates more of a sense of vitality and satisfaction in life.  Genuine self-expression lets us experience personal freedom and fulfillment.

Motivation and Divorce

Motivation is important in the divorce process.  Without it, you might not stick up for yourself appropriately.  And as a result, you may come away unnecessarily disadvantaged.

How you feel about your upcoming post-divorce life is important.  After all, it is your future.  It takes strength and a sense of purpose to come through a divorce with a positive view towards life and the future.  The obstacles are often sizeable.  It takes energy and determination.

So if the experience of divorce has you down and/or you are struggling to muster the energy and outlook for a positive future, one of the best things you can do is find ways to be more motivated about your life.  This can be hard to do on your own.

But there are resources out there, including people you know who have come through divorce successfully or have otherwise worked through adversity to better their lives.  A therapist or a life coach might help.  And there are lots of motivational books and resources on the internet which aim to help you find your own increased desire, energy and activity toward a more complete and fulfilling life.

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